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Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.

– Mark Twain

Who We Are

buzz-flower-minWe’ve been in this business for over 20 years. We started in traditional marketing and publicity long before the internet was even a blip on the advertising radar. From radio to television and print to film, we have worked extensively in all avenues of advertising and publicity. And when the online world began to grow, we stayed ahead of the curve, creating and building campaigns that have always stood out because they were different and unique. We harnessed the potential of audience and consumer engagement before the word guerilla was ever used in conjunction with marketing. We don’t do cookie cutter plans. Our marketing, advertising and publicity proposals stand out because they are captivating, unique, and creative.

Our marketing and publicity experience also ranges from nationally known brands to small, locally managed businesses. No matter whether you would like traditional on site promotion, radio ads, or social media, we’ve got you covered.

Do you need writing? We do that too! Beyond the Buzz Marketing offers everything from technical writing to creative writing and whatever you can cram in between. We have experience writing for stage, screen, radio and television. We can also help you with pitches or proposals as well as any marketing copy or content you might need.

Lori Twichell, the owner of Beyond the Buzz Marketing, keeps herself involved in a variety of projects and experiences. From writing to production and marketing to publicity, Lori’s done it all. You can see more about her experience by checking out her complete bio HERE.

By creating partnerships with other companies, Beyond the Buzz is able to expand our services to cover every avenue of marketing, publicity and production. We are proud of our partners and the fact that we are all in the top tiers of our field. With our team, you know you’ll get great service.

We are proud of the fact that recommendations and referrals comprise the majority of our client base. Our customers love the work we do and they’re not afraid to let people know. Check out just a few of our clients in Who We’ve Buzzed.

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