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We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

– Ray Bradbury

What to expect.

Published January 20th, 2007 in Archive, Our Blog | Comments Off on What to expect.

Welcome to Beyond the Buzz Marketing’s blog. It’s an interesting phenomenon this first post. I work with clients all the time helping them to get over their fear and concerns about blogging, but that first post really is a doozy isn’t it? Feels like you should choose something monumental to break the ice you know?

But here I am and I’ve chosen something simple. A welcome and a post about what you’ll be able to find here in the future.

 First, you’ll find lots of discussion on viral marketing, grassroots campaigns, and the Internet. I’ll talk about the latest trends and things I think you’ll be seeing in the future. We’ve got our fingers in a little bit of everything, so it’ll be a mish mosh, but hopefully an entertaining one. If you’ve got a product to sell or something to share online, this will be where you’ll find a lot of useful information, tips and help to do so.

 You’re also going to see a lot of information about the entertainment industry. With clients like actors, movies, networks and television shows, I can’t help but discuss the latest happenings in the industry and how marketing is pushing more and more within that realm. We’ve all known for a long time that advertising has a powerful influence on what we watch and eat and how we dress. It’s becoming more prevalent and in more interesting ways. Some people see advertising/marketing as big billboards or in your face neon displays, but with the advent of the Internet it’s become far more sophisticated than just product placement. It’s become interactive and entertaining in and of itself. I’ll talk about that here as well.

I also keep an eye on popular fandoms and what they’re doing with their favorite movies, books and programs. These people are usually an indicator as to how well a program is going to do or what might help keep the program growing those all important ‘numbers’. They also show us the possibilities in marketing and advertising that most networks and studios miss because they aren’t paying attention. Fans are also an exceptionally powerful tool and valuable resource when marketing a show or movie. If they take ownership of your project onto themselves, they’ll market it for you. You’ll find some of that here as well.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful and informative but entertaining as well.  Thanks for stopping by.