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– Ray Bradbury

What Is Marketing?

Published February 6th, 2012 in Marketing, Our Blog | Comments Off on What Is Marketing?

When you hear the word marketing what do you think? Do you picture a lot of people in business suits talking on the phone trying to sell you a product? Or maybe your mind flashes with pictures of graphs, charts and those power suits. It is also possible that your brain just screams “NO! Please don’t give me another thing to worry about!” and shuts down when you hear that word. (I have actually had clients tell me that!) Running a business is tough enough on its own and doing it from home carries a unique set of challenges. Running a work at home business is scary enough. Throw marketing into the mix and it can be completely overwhelming. But it doesn’t really need to be that scary.

For our purposes, Webster’s Dictionary states that marketing is “the process or technique of promoting, selling, and distributing a product or service.”

That’s it. Not so scary. It boils down to how you’re going to tell people what you do and get them to come to you for what you need. Don’t run ahead of the game. Marketing is easier when you have a good idea of a plan and you stick with it. So where do you start? Well, instead of getting carried away by statistics, graphs, SEO marketing or social media, step back and take a look at where your marketing is right now.

The best place for you to start is to look at your website, your business cards, pamphlets…anything that you use to share with people what you do. Ask your friends if they’ll look at your business with a fresh eye and see what they think. Maybe they will ask some of their friends for a fresh look at what you do. It’s like when you watch those home repair shows or restaurant makeover shows and they bring in customers to be honest about what they think. Most of those home or restaurant owners are shocked with the opinions they hear. You might be surprised if someone comes to your website and isn’t quite sure what you do. Or maybe they have questions that aren’t being answered. The biggest
thing to remember when you do this is not to make it personal. They aren’t making judgments on YOU. It may sting, but shake it off and look at it from a business perspective. These are your customers or clients – you need to be sure you’re meeting their needs appropriately.

Once you’ve gotten some opinions, you might want to look at your letterhead, your business cards and any other marketing materials that you might have and see if they all line up with the message that you want to send. It might be time for a revamp of some of those things to bring everything into line together.

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