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We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

– Ray Bradbury

Think Outside the Box

Published May 4th, 2007 in Marketing, Our Blog | Comments Off on Think Outside the Box

If you’ve spent any time at my company website, you’ll see that my company tagline (logo, slogan, branding, identity) is “There Is No Box”. I don’t believe that there is some box that we need to fit all of our ideas into or toss them aside. I don’t think that everyone needs to be the same and I do believe that each and every company, product and project is worth a million ideas in and of itself.

Now this being said, I must say that I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel. Some ideas work and take off and we shouldn’t be afraid to use those ideas to better ourselves. What we shouldn’t do is take someone else’s work as our own or be afraid of a new idea.

Recently I had a long discussion with a business owner who hired me to rebrand his company identity. He knew it had been long overdue and he wanted to start from the ground up. But when I sent him my ideas and work, he was distressed. He wanted to know where I had gotten my ideas. Well, I explained to him, they are unique ideas that I came up with based on the research I’d done into his work. This bothered him because he had wanted me to go to his competitor’s websites and use their ideas for his business. He kept complaining that he’d never done his own website before and companies he’d hired in the past had always just used all of their information from his competitor’s websites. He’d even asked my web design partner to go to competitor’s websites and take their graphics so he wouldn’t have to worry about supplying us with information.

Just a friendly reminder to prospective clients out there – we really do come up with creative and original marketing and web ideas for your company. We research your business ourselves and bring you concepts that will work specifically for your business and your customers. If you are looking for out of the box creative thinking with new fresh ideas and innovative approaches then we’re the company for you.