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– Ray Bradbury

Actor Holt Boggs

Published November 1st, 2013 in Marketing, Movies, Our Blog | Comments Off on Actor Holt Boggs


We are excited to announce that we are now working with actor Holt Boggs. You’ve probably seen Holt somewhere in one of his many television appearances. He’s been in the NBC show Revolution, TNT’s Dallas and Sons of Anarchy just to name a few.

We first met Holt through his work on the film The Prodigy, a story about what happens when a vicious assassin decides that you need to be his successor. Harrowing and heartrending all at once, The Prodigy was an  honest to goodness edge of your seat thriller and it brought Holt Boggs to the forefront of people’s minds as an actor to watch. Since then, he’s consistently showed off his acting range in a variety of roles that have taken him from horror, to action and most recently, an exciting new role in a family friendly film, The Adventures of Pepper and Paula.

We’re excited to be joining with Holt on this new phase of his career. To keep up on Holt or find out more, visit his IMDB page or his official website.