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We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is, knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

– Ray Bradbury

Lessons learned from the Celebrity Apprentice

Published April 20th, 2009 in Marketing, Our Blog | Comments Off on Lessons learned from the Celebrity Apprentice

Is anyone watching this show? I do. I watch it faithfully and I don’t miss an episode. Mainly it’s because no matter what the task is, marketing is always forefront in the competition. You need to have a really good handle on marketing to be able to succeed at this competition.

One thing struck me as I was watching this week’s (4/19) episode. Well, actually, several things struck me but one stuck with me long enough to make me sit down and write a blog for my business about it. When one of the players found out that another player was trying to go to her ‘competition’ to raise money, she went ballistic. I don’t use that phrase lightly. A lot of foul language was spewed about their offices and a phone call was put on speaker phone where this contestant reamed out someone who wasn’t even in the game.

I was appalled at her actions and the fact that offices (both her office and the other team’s office) were at a complete standstill while she ranted and raved and cursed loudly enough to hear it plainly up and down the hallway.

When this was brought to the warroom in front of Donald, Ivanka and Piers, all three of them were completely nonplussed with this player’s meltdown. She brought in money, she stopped the ‘attack’ on her team, and she won the challenge – what does it matter how she played?

Now I may not be the career expert that my client, Dondi Scumaci is, (visit her website at for fantastic career advice and guidance!) but I can say with some clarity that I believe businesses DO care ‘how’ you get to the finish line. If you are representing a company, you must comport yourself with respect toward clients and others both inside and outside of the business. You ARE a representative of the company and you are their face when you’re working with others.

I don’t believe that companies today are so focused on results that they will put aside their morals and their public image. They want results, but I believe it’s just as important to maintain a professional image with those results.

When representing a client, I am always vitally aware that I am their personal representative. In a social media world where everything is ‘instant’, you need to maintain a filter that will allow you to always put your best, most professional foot forward. When one push of a button instantly puts a comment, press release or public image online, it is not just the fact that it’s instant, it must also be instantly right.

It’s not enough to know the Internet, marketing or networking, it’s also important to remember that you’re putting your company image in someone else’s hands and to trust that person or company implicitly.