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How to ensure that your newsletter gets read…

Published April 3rd, 2012 in Archive, Our Blog | Comments Off on How to ensure that your newsletter gets read…

As we’ve been discussing, newsletters are an important and useful way to grow your  audience and also to bring people a better understanding of your business.  They’re a great way to increase loyalty as well.

So now that you’ve increased  your mailing list and learned how to use the newsletter to grow your  client list, how can you be sure that your newsletter will get read  and not end up in the virtual trash can? Here are a few things that  you’ll want to keep in mind as you build your newsletter and prepare  to send it.

Is your newsletter visually  balanced? On first glance is your layout evenly balanced with text  and graphics?  This is a fine line to walk these days. People are  busy and they don’t want to get bogged down in too much text and information  but at the same time, they’ll quickly toss ‘fluff’.  Make  sure that the graphics highlight your content and don’t pull attention  away from your message but also that you don’t overburden your reader  with too much text. Make sure you have solid content balanced with eye  pleasing graphics.

Share your expertise! When you write your articles, think of  ways that you can make yourself and your newsletter a more valuable  resource to your readers. Include content that they can apply to their  business, workday or home life immediately. The more you’re able to  accomplish this, the more you’ll be able to position yourself in their  lives as their ‘go-to’ expert. Your readers will come to rely on  you and trust your advice and opinions. This is invaluable when it comes  to marketing your products or services!

Timing is key. Have you ever heard the joke that you should never buy a car that was  built on a Monday or a Friday? This is true of newsletters as well.  Timing is critical when sending out your newsletter. On Monday mornings,  what is the first thing that most people do when arriving at the office?  Most likely, they’ll turn on their computer and begin to sort through  their email. Those of us who do this also know that on Monday mornings,  you have an entire weekend’s spam emails to delete. In an effort to  ‘clean out’ their inboxes, most people will hit delete much more  quickly while filtering through their spam emails than if they were  to receive your email during the day. Friday, there’s a whole different  aspect to consider. More often than not on Fridays people are more likely  to take the afternoon off or be rushing through their projects so they  can clear their desks for the weekend.

The easiest way to be sure  that you’re hitting at an appropriate time is to make sure you’re  sending on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and time it to arrive during  business hours in all the time zones that are relevant to your database.   In the same way that people are more likely to hit delete on Mondays,  they’ll also be more likely to delete first thing in the morning if  it’s arrived during the overnight hours.

Happy Newslettering!

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