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– Ray Bradbury

Evaluating Your Marketing

Published February 20th, 2012 in Archive, Our Blog | Comments Off on Evaluating Your Marketing

In my last blog, I recommended a really simple approach to evaluating your marketing. That was to ask your friends (and maybe even their
friends) to visit your website or look over your marketing materials and give you their thoughts.  The reasons behind this are obvious – so you can get frank and honest opinions about your marketing. The information you get here can be golden for your business. At the same time though, you need to be aware of a few pitfalls to avoid with this tactic.

Choose Wisely. Listen, we all know the people in our lives who will tell us the honest truth and those who will give our egos a nice little pat when we need it. Think about it. When you’re out shopping with friends you know who will give tell you the truth about whether you really look good in that outfit or not. Choose the people you’d like to evaluate your website or your marketing materials with the same wisdom.  If you want honest opinions, pick people who will give you that honesty. If you don’t have a good group of friends that will evaluate and tell you what help you need, then maybe choose one or two friends and see if they will ask some people you don’t know. This will give you a completely fresh take on your site and it allows you to see how an ‘outsider’ sees your site. The information gathered at this point is invaluable when you are considering your marketing plans.

Too Many Cooks… A few years ago I took this idea to one of my clients and he loved the idea of getting a fresh injection of thought for his business. He said that he knew exactly who he was going to talk to about it and promptly sent out an email. What I wasn’t expecting was over 600 opinions about his company’s logo! He’d sent the email to literally everyone he had ever known or worked with and it sent
him into a tailspin. Trust me when I say that too many opinions can absolutely confuse the issue. When he’d sent out the email having a preference for one or two options, but because of the vast size of his mailing list, he literally ended up not knowing where to go from that point. Be judicious when you choose the people you listen to about your business.

Sift through the chaff for the wheat. In the end remember that this is your business. Everyone in the world will have some opinion about your business and what they think that you should do, but in the end, it’s your company. Reject the opinions that don’t work for your company’s goals and don’t let someone else steer you away from your passion and what you want.  It’s very easy to listen to what someone else
has to say but it’s more rewarding to take what you can learn from them and apply it to your business.
Once you’ve heard their thoughts, shake out what you can use for your business and look to realign your marketing appropriately.

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