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Do you need a professional web designer?

Published May 22nd, 2007 in Marketing, Our Blog | Comments Off on Do you need a professional web designer?

Not too long ago, Business Week came out with an article on their website titled “No Geeks Required”. It stated that with today’s templates and how to books, anyone can build a website for their business and save money by avoiding pricey web design firms.

As a business owner and a marketing professional, I’d have to strongly disagree with the direction that this article could lead someone searching for web design. Yes, you can create your own website. Templates and graphics that are ‘ready made’ make it easy. In fact, fourteen year old kids build their own sites and spaces on the Internet every day, often with more ease than the rest of us college graduates. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the best choice for your business.

A professional graphic designer can move your business beyond a mortar and brick storefront and into the Internet realm in a positive and professional way.  In many instances having a professional graphic designer work for you will place your business in a completely different universe for sales and professionalism.

A professional web designer will have experience in what works and what doesn’t for a website. Many people have favorite colors or fonts that are beautiful for an email or a pamphlet you might send out, but are completely off putting when placed on a computer screen. The site also needs to be manageable for your clients or customers as well as visually satisfying. A gorgeous design means nothing if your clients can’t work their way through the site easily.

Be careful of thinking that a book from the library or a night class or two will take the place of a professional web designer.  The job might get done and you could end up with a website for your business that you didn’t need to pay for, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to get the same job done as a professional web designer’s work. Saving money and being smart in finance is always a good thing for your business, but your website is your resume. Don’t skimp on quality when that is the ‘face’ of business that you’re showing the world.  There are many affordable web designers out there these days that do fantastic professional work and don’t require a second loan on your home to give you what you want and need for your business.