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Branding Vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference?

Published May 4th, 2011 in Marketing, Our Blog | Comments Off on Branding Vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference?

I’ve got a confession to make. I watch Celebrity Apprentice and I love it. It’s one of the few ‘reality’ television shows that I watch at all and the only reason that I do is because most of the challenges in recent years have involved marketing. I love watching people try to navigate through the phenomenon that is marketing and figure out their message for various tasks.

In a recent episode, one of the celebs was tasked with ‘branding’ and that word was thrown around a lot during the episode. Later, someone called her a marketing ‘genius’ because she always handles branding and taglines. That gave me pause and brought me back to another conversation with a client I had recently.

This client said that she’d hired a marketing company to give her ‘top of the line’ branding. What she ended up with was fifty cases of envelopes, folders and business cards that have her name and logo on them.  That’s branding. It’s graphics. It’s a necessary part of a larger marketing package but it’s not marketing.

Marketing is managing your company’s overall message. It’s about getting the word out to your potential clients, customers and sales. A complete marketing package may include blogging, newsletters, social media, tweeting or a variety of other methods all partnered with branding.

Be cautious when you hear the words marketing and branding being used interchangeably. They aren’t interchangeable. One is part of the other. Both is necessary to a good company profile and business plan. But one is definitely not the other. A good marketing plan will move your company’s message forward. A good branding package could end up with you sitting in the middle of a lot of boxes and not being sure what you’re supposed to do with them

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