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Book Review: London Tides by Carla Laureano

Published June 14th, 2015 in Our Blog, Reviews | Comments Off on Book Review: London Tides by Carla Laureano

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London Tides by Carla Laureano

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Genre: Romance

Publisher: David C. Cook
Date: June 1, 2015

Irish photojournalist Grace Brennan travels the world’s war zones documenting the helpless and forgotten. After the death of her friend and colleague, Grace is shaken.

She returns to London hoping to rekindle the spark with the only man she ever loved, Scottish businessman Ian MacDonald. But he gave up his championship rowing career and dreams of Olympic gold years ago for Grace … only for her to choose career over him. Will life’s tides bring them back together … or tear them apart for good this time?

The second book in the McDonald Family Trilogy picks up where Five Days in Skye left off, but this time we get to really and truly meet Ian, the brother only touched upon in the first book. Ian’s heart has been broken by Grace and he has struggled to pick up the pieces. So when Grace returns, it throws a bit of a wrench into the middle of everything for him.

I love Carla Laureano’s characters. I can’t say that enough. So often when you read Inspirational Fiction, you find characters that might have a flaw or two,  but on the whole, they’re characters that are set up on a pedestal rather than really being examples of real life. Laureano’s characters are flawed and they are honest about it. None are perfect and none pretend to be perfect. I find that refreshing and real and it makes me look forward to each of her new titles. London Tides did not disappoint.

With a plot that moves briskly enough to keep you entertained but not too fast to get you lost, London Tides gives a very fresh and honest view of what life is like for someone who has lived through combat. As the wife of an Air Force veteran, I appreciated her approach to PTSD and the reality of losing someone close to you.

But don’t think that this book only holds doom, gloom, or flawed characters! There’s a love story in here. A love story that shows what can happen when you take a broken heart and learn to trust again. It’s a beautiful journey that shows very vividly how trauma can be turned into something new and amazing. 

Carla Laureano is the author of the RITA® award-winning romance Five Days in Skye as well as London Tides and the Celtic fantasy series The Song of Seare (as C. E. Laureano). A graduate of Pepperdine University, she worked as a sales and marketing executive for nearly a decade before leaving corporate life behind to write fiction full-time. She currently lives in Denver with her husband and two sons.

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